Browse through our guide below and learn how to navigate the world's largest online marketplace.

1.How To Getting Started on Deebaba

Registering is easy. Click to find out

2.Browse our endless inventory

Search effectively In the search box near the top of the screen, enter a few descriptive words about the item you want to find. Then, hit enter or click the Search button.

3.Browse Categories


4.Shopping on Deebaba

There are four ways to purchase items on deebaba


1. Go to then on the menu select the category of the item you want to buy,After Finding the item you to buy.

2. Click BuyNow

3. Review the details of your order and click Pay to finalise your purchase

After clicking Commit to Buy, You must pay for the item.

Enter your shipping information.

Connect to our secured payment system.

Choose your payment method.

Confirm your payment and enjoy your purchase.

1.Getting Started on Deebaba As a Seller

Registering is easy. Click to find out

2.Go To The Browser Type

After, it will take you to site. At the site, you will see sellondeebaba at the top of the home page, Click it.

3.After another page will apear. Click on the box that says Start selling On deebaba.

4.Then on the page you will see a form(Seller Information form), You fill it after filling it click on the button submit, then it wil take you to another form (Business Information form) fill it. Then Bank Information form, fill it then click on submit, You will then get to the final page called summary, just cvlick on the submit button and you have completed your registration process.

There are four Formats of selling your items on deebaba

1. Buy Now, 2. Bidding, 3. Make a Quote and 4. Make An Offer

1. Go to dashboard-seller, then you fill all the information about your item including Name of the products, Price, Product Description etc.

2. On the product posting form, you can decide to ut your item on for auction by placing the current bid price of the item, then bidders will have to bid above that price.

3. Review the details of your posting and click Add Product button.

After clicking, you will land on the plan page where you will have to choose your subcription plan, Then you make payment so your item can be visible.