Who We Are

Find out more about is a subsidiary of Shetuham International Limited. A registered company with registration number RC12346545.The founder is Babatunde Ijeboi(He holds a Master in Research from Sheffield Hallam University UK.) is a mega online store where manufactures, wholesaler, retailers and supplier can advertise and sell their products. Our platform can be used to sell new, used, refurblished and manufatuer error products. With deebaba, you can buy now, bid for product, make an offer and also you can make a is to bring Africa product to the world and the world to Africa.

Our mission and vision is the promote Africa products that are manufactured in Africa and also connect other continents product to Afica. If you are a manufacturer and you want your products to be known, use We help you to promote your products to millions of people in African and other continents.

Our History

2018 - was established in 2018 in Nigeria.

2019 - started full operations and we also partner with major electronic and real estate companies in Nigeria to sell their products.

2020 -

In 2020, We launched the first self service store in Nigeria.

2022 -

Expanding of to other African countries.


There are lots of opportunities here at, You can become one of our partners and start selling your products on different formats(Buynow,Bidnow,Quota and make an offer).We are the first online platform to develop this kind of formatsfor our sellers and buyers. You can also work for us and become one of our staff. Just by sending your CV to We have career development system, where you are given the opportunity to dvelop your career as a manager of business, consultant, software developer, HR,accounting,and etc. We have support system all the way to your success. So you are not alone in your jorney. With , we have the discount club system, where buyers and sellers will be given discount card and they will be given discount percentage on their purchases. Each time they buy or sell on they will be given a percentage discount next time they purchase an item. , your mega online platform for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and suppliers. , connecting Africa to the world and the world to Africa.You can sell your food crop, cash crop, manufactured products etc.